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SmackDown books Logan Paul, and a Women’s Tag title match

There’s three episodes of SmackDown left before WWE is in Saudi Arabia on Sat., Nov. 5 for Crown Jewel — and one of those will presumably be pre-taped since a lot of the roster will already be on route to Riyadh.

So it’s time to bring in the man who will challenge Roman Reigns for his WWE & Universal championships at that Premium Live Event. Logan Paul will be back on SmackDown next Friday (Oct. 21). Last we saw Paul, he was planting seeds of dissent within The Bloodline. And failing to not laugh at Sami Zayn, but who can blame him for that?

The “Media Megastar” will probably be looking to drive the wedge between Roman and his lieutenants a little deeper next week. WWE’s announcement for his appearance says Paul will be looking “to build momentum to the biggest test of his career.”

Also set for next Friday, Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez will challenge Damage CTRL’s IYO SKY & Dakota Kai for the WWE Women’s Tag titles. One of the first things Shotzi & Raquel did after teaming up was announce their intention to go after the belts. They’ll get their shot despite losing a Trios match to Damage CTRL last night when Bayley pinned their partner, NXT’s Roxanne Perez*.

Last but not least, we’ll see the very angry Liv Morgan take out her frustrations on Sonya Deville. Or continue to, since Liv did just put Deville through a table last night.

Like how the next episode of SmackDown is shaping up?

* Perez also picked Rodriguez as Cora Jade’s poison (aka her opponent) for NXT next Tuesday, part of the build for Perez & Jade’s “Weapons Wild” match at Oct. 22’s Halloween Havoc, and WWE’s strategy to do a good number opposite AEW Dynamite on Oct. 18.

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