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Bray Wyatt cuts emotional promo in return to SmackDown ... but it still got weird

Bray Wyatt made his return to Friday Night SmackDown this week after an epic return at Extreme Rules. We didn’t really know what to expect from him, after so much time away and with so much changing at WWE while he was gone.

What do you know, we got yet another version of Wyatt.

The man himself.

The human being.

He talked about having gone through a really hard time while he was away.

“I lost my career, I lost two people who were very, very close to me, and I lost my way. I got to a point where I thought that everything that Id’ ever done here was all meaningless, that nothing I ever did has mattered to anyone. And I was wrong.”

He would go on to say he would see people out in the world, once he ventured out there to see those people, who would thank him for saving them with his words when they were just as down as he was. He said the fans were there when he was weak, and he was vulnerable, and they saved his life.

Then, of course, it got weird again.

As he was talking, it went dark and this happened:

“You got no idea who you’re dealing with, do you? Oh, but you will.”

Oh boy.

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