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Braun Strowman was going about his business on Friday Night SmackDown this week, doing his usual thing of beating up two dudes at one time, using one of them as a weapon to hurt the other and vice versa. A typical start to the weekend for the big fella.

Only that’s not why we’re here.

He did all that, yes, but he did so while staring into the crowd straight into the eyes of Omos, who came over from Monday Night Raw with MVP to have a confrontation. MVP grabbed a microphone after Strowman officially won the match — because of course he did — and said some monsters are meant to stay in the shadows.

Or something like that.

It didn’t really matter what he said, just what was made clear by his arriving and saying anything at all.


When Strowman returned to WWE, it was only a matter of time before they booked him against the other very large wrestler on the roster and it appears that will be happening sooner rather than later. Crown Jewel perhaps?

Stay tuned.

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