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The latest suspects for Bray’s rumored ‘Wyatt 6’ group

Bray Wyatt is back, having returned in stunning fashion at the end of last weekend’s Extreme Rules PLE. Though he wasn’t much of a presence on the fallout episode of Raw, Wyatt is supposed to be a big focus of SmackDown tonight (Oct. 14) — and that’s only ramped up speculation about this newest creation from one of 21st century pro wrestling’s most innovative minds.

Central to that has been the idea that Bray will be leading a faction again. His Twitter handle and other clues have led fans to believe that group will be the “Wyatt 6”, and the appearance of live, costumed versions of the Firefly Fun House puppets give the impression the members of such a group will be playing those characters.

This week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter runs down the leading candidates for each of Bray’s five followers:

NXT’s Joe Gacy as Huskus the Pig Boy
NXT’s Grayson Waller as Mercy the Buzzard
Alexa Bliss as Sister Abigail
Erick Rowan as Ramblin’ Rabbit
Bo Dallas as The Fiend

Dave Meltzer writes there were hints about Gacy, Waller & Bliss, “between social media for the first two and a teased photo of Abigail with both the Raw and Smackdown women’s belts, which Bliss has held.” By Meltzer’s estimation, the Mercy shown at Extreme Rules “greatly resembled Waller with a shirt that he had worn on television and same height and build.” In addition to their past association, WWE’s been teasing the idea something’s going on with Bliss for weeks, but seeds have also been planted for Liv Morgan as the group’s female member.

Rowan is seen as being more of a guess based on his partnership with Bray in The Wyatt Family, while Dallas talk is due to reports Bray’s younger brother is due to return.

Meltzer’s WWE sources tell him they believe some of those names are accurate, but “things are up in the air.” Insiders also said others could be involved, and specifically mentioned Gacy’s Schism partners Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid (fka Zack Gibson and James Drake) as possibilities.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “this doesn’t tell us much,” you’re right! But a big part of the Wyatt fun (at least among those of us who find it fun) is the guessing game. So... keep guessing, and we’ll see if any of this is confirmed or shot down tonight on SmackDown.

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