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Liv Morgan’s dream of being killed by a possessed doll is about to come true

Liv Morgan may be in a bad place, but one of her dreams is about to come true.

The former SmackDown Women’s champion has been talking about how much she wants to be killed by Chucky, the doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer that joined the pantheon of famous movie monsters with 1988’s Child Play.

She wore Chucky-inspired gear for her match with Carmella on Raw last Spooky Season...

... and has been bringing up her goal of being murdered by the “Good Guy” ever since.

“I’d love to be in Season 2 of Chucky. I’d love to be killed off in a little cameo,” she told Complex.

Luckily, the television show (from the man who created Chucky, Don Mancini) Morgan mentions is on USA Network (and fellow NBCUniversal channel SyFy), just like Raw. Liv talked to TV Insider’s Scott Fishman about her plan to make her dreams happen via corporate synergy:

“I love Chucky. I’m also petitioning to get myself on Chucky Season 2. I tell the guys at work, ‘Can you guys help me out? We’re on the same network.’

“I would be OK with any role, but I really want to be killed off. I want to be killed by Chucky. I loved Chucky growing up. So if he kills me, that’s like, goals for me right there. I don’t even need a big part. I just want to be killed by Chucky.”

Score one for corporate synergy! Chucky himself shared the good news this morning, we can WATCH HER get killed on the Oct. 26 episode of Chucky.

Morgan is over the moon!

Good for Liv. And maybe good practice in case Alexa Bliss re-aligns with Bray Wyatt and brings back another possessed doll to WWE television...

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