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Report: Saraya received an offer from WWE that allowed her to wrestle

All Elite Wrestling

Formerly known as Paige in WWE, Saraya made her AEW debut a few weeks ago at Dynamite Grand Slam.

WWE never medically cleared her to compete once the calendar flipped to 2018, and the company chose to not renew her contract when it expired in July 2022. Less than three months later, she showed up in AEW.

Pro wrestling fans were curious to see if Saraya would be allowed to wrestle for her new promotion. After a few weeks of mixed signals, the latest indication we have is that she is indeed cleared and will wrestle for All Elite Wrestling. That assurance must be why she signed with AEW, right?

Maybe not. According to a report from Fightful, WWE’s new regime made her an offer to return in August, and it included the chance to become an active competitor again. The report makes the following claims:

  • Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis were the people who decided to not renew her WWE contract when it expired in July.
  • The money she was making on that contract was said to be “surprisingly low,” and her outside money making ventures were also limited by it to some extent.
  • About one month after her contract expired, WWE’s new regime offered her a television role as General Manager.
  • They also told her that if she wanted to return to in-ring competition, they “would make that happen.”

Based on the report, it sounds like the freedom to make money on outside projects without having to give up a cut of that money was a big factor in Saraya’s decision to sign with AEW.

What do you make of these new details, Cagesiders?

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