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NXT recap & reactions (Oct. 11, 2022): JD’s revenge

Bron Breakker sends a message to Ilja Dragunov but it’s all part of JD McDonagh’s plan. Cue the maniacal laugh.

Halloween Havoc is in a fortnight, so NXT is setting the stage for a big show. Claire is the best guide one can ask for. so check out her blog. Me? I’m just doing my best to keep up.

Let’s talk NXT!

Bron the Revenge

Bron Breakker isn’t a man who forgives or forgets. After his opening match with Javier Bernal—which wasn’t really much to talk about—Bron found himself in a stare down with JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov. Anything with these three involved turns physical, so of course JD threw the first blow by headbutting Ilja. Ilja then nailed Bron with a headbutt of his own, which seemed accidental but we never got an answer. Why? Glad you asked.

Ilja decided he had enough for the night and ran into Grayson Waller while leaving the building. Grayson interrupted Ilja’s interview so, we never got an answer on his earlier intentions, but I mean, it also didn’t matter. Whether he meant to hit JD or not, he hit Bron. Meaning it was only a matter of time before Bron got a small measure of payback.

Waller talked himself into a match with Dragunov, and it was another solid match. Waller looked woefully outmatched at first, but eventually found his footing through squirming out of a few holds and just being a slimy bastard. Dragunov didn’t seem distracted with Bron lurking. Maybe he forgot about him because Waller is just that annoying and has that effect on people. But all that changed in the third act.

Waller found an opening and went for his patented stunner. But while on the entryway, the lights went out and the wheel spun. By itself. That weirdness spooked Waller enough and gave Ilja a second wind. He reversed Waller’s stunner into a beautiful German suplex. Eventually, that was all she wrote for Waller.

Oh and Bron? He showed up with a spear for Dragunov and posed for the crowd while JD’s weird ass sat in the audience and clapped.

Clearly we needed some animosity between Bron and Dragunov, as that also plays into JD’s hands. But it also makes for a more interesting match. It’s not the greatest story ever told but it’s effective.


No Tricks, Just Treats

Nathan Frazer and Axiom put on a hell of a show this week. Their third match in their best of three delivered more than the previous two. Maybe because the winner gets a shot at the North American championship at Halloween Havoc. Maybe because after two matches together, both men just know each other better and their chemistry is at its boiling point. Either way, these two got incredibly physical, applied plenty of counters, took at least one very nasty bump, and wrestled every single style possible. They got plenty of time and every single second well deserved.

In moments like this I just go with the obvious: Watch the match.

Here Comes New Challengers...

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade came a long way. From getting put together as a team to being two guys lusting after Mandy Rose, to getting labeled as underachievers. Now? They’re contenders.

The triple threat match between them, Briggs & Jensen, and The Dyad was another gem this week. It was typically chaotic but it told an interesting story as well. At least as it relates to Enofe & Blade and The Dyad. For the former, it was all about developing a serious attitude towards winning. As the match continued, that showed itself right up to the point they got the three count.

For the latter, it involved Cameron Grimes and Joe Gacy. Gacy got physical and interfered. Right when it looked like the Dyad had a W in hand, Grimes came out of nowhere with a Cave-In to Gacy. He followed that with distracting the Dyad, leading to a roll up victory for Enofe & Blade.

Pretty Deadly looked on as their next challengers celebrated this milestone. Halloween Havoc just gets better.

Mandy’s Surprise

Alba Fyre defeated Jacy Jayne but that’s not the story here. While Alba celebrated, a hand grabbed her from the crowd. Turns out that hand belonged to Sonya Deville. Toxic Attraction mentioned a surprise for Alba and it turns out, that was Sonya. The three women beat the tar out of Alba, and dropped her through the commentary table. Mandy’s best friend has her back, which is really cool storytelling.

Sonya Deville is in NXT at least for a little. How will Alba Fyre respond?

Wes Lee Has a New Partner

Wes Lee and Stacks wrestled this week in an okay match. Nothing awful since both guys can go, but, as usual with a lot of NXT matches, it needed more time. Wes got the win because of course he did and it’s the right call.

Post match beatdown happened courtesy of Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams. Oro Mensah made the save, which revitalized Wes. Seems like a tag match is on the horizon and Lee may finally have a new partner.

Indi Wrestling

Valentina Feroz wrestled Indi Hartwell this week in a small showcase. This match seemed built around Indi and putting a little muscle behind her. She looked powerful but Valentina keeps showing potential. Indi finishing the match with a powerful suplex was all about her strength. So, yeah, like I said, make Indi look strong.

NXT was solid. Sonya Deville was the biggest moment of the night and adds another wrinkle to Toxic Attraction, which is needed at this point.

Solid show.

Grade: B

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.

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