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Bray is back, but the teases continue

After weeks of “White Rabbit” teases, Bray Wyatt returned to WWE on Sat., Oct. 8 at Extreme Rules. Fans eagerly anticipated his next move (mostly by fantasy booking the line-up of a “Wyatt 6” group many have decided Bray’s Twitter handle, the Bo Dallas rumors, and the appearance of non-puppet versions of the Firefly Fun House gang indicate is coming), hoping we’d get some sign of what it would be on Raw last night.

Silly rabbits.

Instead, WWE played the still very cool IMHO scene from the end of last weekend’s premium live event in full. A video “broke into” the broadcast (modeled, it seems, after the “Max Headroom Incident” that happened in the 1980s), featuring Wyatt in his new Black Phone-inspired mask delivering a message that continued themes from the pre-return mystery:

I used to think that the prison inside my head was the only place that I could ever truly be free. [laughs] Revel in what you are.

We also got another QR code, which gave us a puzzle of Wyatt’s moth symbol in an old Internet Explorer-looking browser with “The Whole World” playing on piano:

When will get answers? Maybe on SmackDown this Friday...

It’s not a bad idea to string out something a lot of fans are clearly invested in (and in a way that some enjoy). But answers are going to have to start getting doled out soon.

We’ll see if we get any on Oct. 14 in New Orleans.

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