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The DX 25th Anniversary Celebration on Raw was perfect

WWE has long had a tendency to overdo everything, taking something cool and making it decidedly uncool. This was typically done by beating you over the head with the good thing until it was no longer that.

There was a fear, then, that Triple H might run wild with the 25th Anniversary Celebration of D-Generation X on Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn this week. But that’s not what happened at all.

They were given a few backstage segments for some of their hijinks, toned down to better suit both their age and the TV presentation we get from WWE in 2022. There was some cursing, some playful banter, a double entendre or two, and even Road Dogg and Shawn Michaels booking a match between The Miz and Dexter Lumis next week.

Finally, come the main event segment, they made their way out to the ring with about 10 minutes left in the show.

X-Pac gave a classy shout out to Chyna, calling her the key ingredient that made the DX recipe work.

Road Dogg did his intro bit, allowing the fans to deliver his lines shouting out the Bad Ass Billy Gunn. Corey Graves, by the way, had a great line about how he’s “doing something with office equipment these days.”

Triple H joked about needing to catch his breath to do the “let’s get ready to suck it” intro bit.

And good ol’ HBK cracked a joke about not letting them do this in another 25 years but they’ve still got just two words for us.

They didn’t take up too much time, they were incredibly self aware, and everyone got to have a bit of fun hearing the entrance music and seeing the boys together again.

Well played all around.

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