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Ronda Rousey has a message for Liv Morgan fans

Liv Morgan’s rise up the WWE card was fueled by a passionate fanbase, many of whom have been supporting the life-long wrestling fan from New Jersey since her NXT days. Their cheers led to Morgan winning Money in the Bank and cashing in on Ronda Rousey the same night to win the SmackDown Women’s title.

Her reign brought out more critics, online and in arenas, but the Liv faithful never wavered. And they were not happy when Rousey regained the championship on Saturday night (Oct. 8) in Philadelphia at Extreme Rules.

To those who feel Morgan’s run with the belt should have been longer and/or presented her like a bigger star & threat? Ronda has seven words (and a bunch of hashtags) for ya...

“Go home and cry about it, neckbeards”

That should go over well.

Rousey’s been an anti-authority babyface since returning at Royal Rumble back in January. This feels a little bit more like the anti-fan stance she took toward the end of her previous run and while she was away from WWE. Is this just Ronda the person briefly venting on social media, or the start of Ronda the character building toward a big match with a current babyface (like Becky Lynch for next year’s WrestleMania)?

We’ll see about that, and how Liv’s fans react to whatever she does next.

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