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Shotzi got her tank back, and Triple H upgraded it

There are lots of reasons why wrestling fans are drinking the Triple H Kool-Aid.

Some are big changes, like emphasizing secondary titles and bringing back talent the previous regime released or didn’t re-sign. But many of them are pretty simple, and of the “it wasn’t broke, so why did we ‘fix’ it” variety.

Riddle and Theory getting their first names back. Karrion Kross being paired with Scarlett instead of dressed like an S&M gladiator. Stuff like that.

Add Shotzi’s tank to that list. The Ballsy Badass’ ride has long been missing on the main roster, but it returned on the Sept. 30 SmackDown. And when she rode it into the arena for her match with Bayley, an upgrade was revealed... pyro!

Hopefully the new model can still fire nerf projectiles like the old version, though. We wouldn’t want to miss out on comedy gold like this...

WWE’s YouTube

We’ll take it either way though. Now, can a sister get her last name back? And maybe a win?

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