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Natalya is working a pretty good gimmick on her Twitter

Natalya hasn’t been on television much of late, leaving her in something of a creative purgatory. She’s a worker at heart though, and she was quick to snatch up any opportunity to start working a new gimmick on her social media channels.

Said gimmick came about after Guinness World Records recognized multiple achievements from her time in WWE — most pay-per-view appearances, most matches for a female in WWE, and most wins for a female in WWE. Nattie took advantage right away by instantly taking on a high and mighty attitude and speaking often through an assistant who would release messages on her behalf:

If that’s all she ever put out, it would have been amazing. But she’s kept it going without beating us over the head with it and it’s been great all the way.

From responding to her friend and former WWE Champ Ronda Rousey:

To her own twist on New Year’s:

To gems like this:

Finally, this:

If she can find a way to put this on TV, it could be absolute gold.

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