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Finally(?), The Rock is headed to Sesame Street to get involved in an Elmo feud

Dwayne Johnson’s given a lot of candy asses directions in his day. But I don’t think anyone thought the SmackDown Hotel would open up a location on Sesame Street.

What in the blue hell am I talking about?

Earlier this week, a clip from the long-running PBS/HBO children’s show Sesame Street resurfaced online. In it, beloved puppet Elmo gets frustrated with his friend Zoe, because Zoe won’t give him a cookie he wants because it is for her pet rock, Rocco.

Before long, people were sharing other moments where Elmo, well, the tweet says it all...

There are more, and they really are pretty funny. Rocco has been on Elmo’s nerves for a while.

It’s the kind of goofy distraction the world needs during a resurgent pandemic and the deluge of other seriously maddening crap that washes over us on Al Gore’s internet every day. But not necessarily the kind of message Sesame Street wants to send to its audience, so Elmo looked to set the record straight.

He’s still not cool with that dang rock, though...

Still in his feeling about that oatmeal cookie, our orange pal followed that up with a subtweet about Zoe’s pet. That one got the attention of our guy Dwayne Johnson...

I don’t know why The Great One had to put poor Cookie Monster on notice. He’s just minded his own business. But hey, once you’re paraphrasing Roddy Pipper while tweeting with a Muppet, I guess all bets are off.

2022 is off to a weird start, y’all.

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