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Samoa Joe reacts to his WWE release

News broke tonight about Samoa Joe being fired by WWE for the second time in the last year. WWE is releasing NXT staff left and right, and word on the street is their strategy is to remove Triple H’s people from the company. Samoa Joe is most definitely a Triple H person, considering that Triple H is the person who brought Joe back into the company (and even put the NXT title on him) after he was initially released by WWE last year.

Joe has now posted the following tweet, in reaction to WWE’s decision to fire him:

Joe is excited for his future, and it’s very interesting to wonder about what his future looks like in pro wrestling.

His last wrestling matches on the WWE main roster came in February 2020 when he was aligned with Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins and Authors of Pain. WWE declared him medically ineligible to compete around that time following multiple concussions. He has only wrestled in one match since then, and that’s when he defeated Karrion Kross for the NXT title at TakeOver 36 last August. Joe vacated the title, apparently due to injury, but we never learned more information about what specifically happened there.

Joe is a supremely talented pro wrestler, so it’s obvious why he’s excited about his future in the industry. That WWE isn’t interested in keeping his skills on their record profits ledger is mind-boggling in many ways, and another wrestling promotion now stands to benefit from WWE’s inflexible and single-minded approach towards building a pro wrestling roster.

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