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The story of Allison Danger’s brief time at WWE shows the human cost of releases

Steve Corino’s Twitter

For her part, Cathy “Allison Danger” Corino was nothing but gracious about her short stint as a WWE Performance Center coach after it ended along with several others’ when they were released this afternoon (Jan. 5).

Her friend, indie announcer extraordinaire Lenny Leonard, didn’t pull any punches when describing Corino’s exprience in a Twitter thread:

Here’s a thread about one of my best friends in the entire world..Its a long one.. sorry..

You dedicate 20 years of your life to pro wrestling. Endure physical and mental stress and injury but persevere until you are ultimately offered your dream job.

Come on down and coach in Orlando. You sign on the dotted line, pack your entire life into a truck and move from Vegas to Florida, uprooting your family, and your child from their friends and school to chase your dream.

3 months go by, no performance issues to speak of, by all accounts you’re fitting in well. You are asked to go in to help as they are shorthanded, and you get exposed to Covid... ruining your Christmas by being a good soldier and are forced to quarantine.

You survive and make it through New Year’s and your child that you dragged across the country to accompany you is starting their first day at their new school today. You pick them up from the car circle and as they are getting in the car,they hear you are on the phone

It’s your boss telling you you’re fired, 3 months after you moved across the country for your “dream job”.

Sorry Danger… billion-dollar companies doing record profits restructure divisions and fire people after 3 months all the time… Good luck to you and your family though

Leonard also added this addendum:

Business is business, but that doesn’t mean this story and others like it don’t suck.

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