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Griselda Records posts takedown notices issued by WWE against Westside Gunn

Parker Boudreaux’s Instagram

Rapper and hip-hop impresario Westside Gunn is a big pro wrestling fan. That includes attending shows like AEW Grand Slam in Queens, supporting talent like indie wrestler Alexis Littlefoot, and referencing the business/artform in his music as he did on his 2019 mixtape Fourth Rope.

That last one seems to have run him afoul of WWE. If you click to our Marcus Benjamin’s excellent piece on Fourth Rope, you’ll note that none of the YouTube videos embedded in it are currently available. This screenshot from the current Instagram Story from Gunn’s Griselda Records label seems to explain why...

Griselda Records’ Instagram

The law is the law, and WWE files those trademarks and copyrights for a reason. Doesn’t seem worth it to go after someone who’s promoted your product — including in YouTube videos and social media posts from the company, such as when he appeared on NXT in Dec. 2021 (which have now been deleted or hidden on WWE’s accounts, too) — but that’s probably why I’m not an executive with a multi-million dollar company.

While there’s no indication of cause and effect, it’s interesting that this comes a few months after since-released announcer Greg Hamilton threatened to sue to Gunn for using a sample of his voice in a song, and claimed WWE lawyers would be involved on his behalf.

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