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Becky Lynch enjoys saying ‘Doudrop’ a lot

And maybe that provides a clue into the direction of the Raw Women’s championship picture.

On the Jan. 3 Raw, WWE put together the roadmap that will take the red brand’s Women’s title scene from Day 1 to Royal Rumble.

Liv Morgan (unsuccessful in two shots at current champ Becky Lynch over the past month, including at last Saturday’s New Year’s Day PPV, er... excuse me, Premium Live Event™) and Bianca Belair (winless against Lynch in televised singles action since their infamous SummerSlam match) will compete in a Triple Threat with Doudrop next Monday. The winner of that faces Big Time Becks at Royal Rumble on Jan. 29.

If Morgan and Bianca’s arguments for another shot at Lynch seem flimsy, Doudrop’s is a real head-scratcher. The former Piper Niven spent the month of December losing to Belair. Check it out. Even she looks confused about why her argument about being “cut in line” worked with untitled authority figures Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville...

Plenty of folks have fantasy booked explanations for Double D (don’t look at me, it’s her Twitter display name) being on the verge of a Championship Opportunity™. Most of them involve her being identified as the weak link by or in a cahoots with Becky. This clip from Raw Talk, where The Man has too much fun repeatedly saying “Doudrop” and openly hypothesizes about the pair of Celts getting together to overthrow the Yanks, fits in with either scenario:

Is Doudrop about to get duped by another arrogant heel with a colorful head of hair? Or is the Irishwoman underestimated the Scot? Are we just killing time until Belair and/or Morgan takes another loss against The Man?


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