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Sounds like Kurt Angle is returning to WWE television

Shelton Benjamin’s Instagram

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was spotted in St. Louis over Royal Rumble weekend, but he didn’t return on that Jan. 29 event. The company didn’t acknowledge him during the broadcast of the show, either.

Word was Angle was filming material for streaming content, such as Table for 3 - the conversation show WWE is bringing back this year. But that’s not all. The Olympic gold medalist said on the most recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show podcast that the company approached him about a brief recurring television role.

“Yes, I did [get a call] from the WWE and they want me to be involved in the show for the next month or so. I’m really excited about it. So we’ll see what’s in store for me.”

Fightful says this lines up with scuttlebutt they’ve heard, so it seems Shane McMahon won’t be the only legend hanging around the Road to WrestleMania. It’s probably unlikely Angle would work a match like his old King of the Ring rival, but “never say never” and all that. Heck, WWE released the guy less than two years ago and he’s back. Retirement match, scmetirement match.

Check in with our Raw Live Blog tonight and see if Kurt starts his latest run there!

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