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Angel Garza is going to be a father

Congratulations are in order to Angel Garza and his wife Zaide Lozano. Garza released a touching video to announce that he is going to be a father.

The audio is in Spanish, but subtitles were provided for all to enjoy. I’m torn on the best part being Garza’s wide smile or the cat resting on Lozano’s belly.


A date that without a doubt changed our lives completely,
the day that one of our most cherished dreams came true,
receiving the news that we would be parents
that God gave us the blessing of sending you into our lives!

We embrace this moment,
we take care of it and we take care of you
with love, with respect for the rest of our lives.

We promise to always fight with you every war that comes
we promise to enjoy you, and the main thing
to love you, with patience and kindness.

Be the ones who complement you, encourage you
and make you see colors on a gray day.

If you can be calm about something, it is that you will always receive 1000% from your parents,
that even without having you physically in our arms
we already love you with all out strength!

You are the greatest proof that God heard us.

Our world became happier because of you,
our love and desire to grow increased because of you,
you are our dream come true,
it still seems incredible to me to think that your little heart is beating strongly inside me.

Among all the things that you are...
you are the result of love between dad and mom and that, my baby, has no comparison.

And I, I promise you from the depths of my being that you will always see me giving all of myself
so that nothing is lacking in our home.

As your father
I tell you that you can always be calm
that even when you think you are walking alone
it will be a matter of turning to your side and I will always be there taking care of you,
no matter the circumstances you will always have me by your side to never let you down...

Thinking of you,
imagining you,
feeling you,
listening to you, has become our motor of living,
today we write to you and record this as a letter,
so that at any time you can hear that it is our hearts
that speak to you and tell you...

I love you.

Garza’s child will have the opportunity to carry on the family legacy to become a 4th generation wrestler.

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