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Liv Morgan just really missed her friend

One of the better moments in the women’s Royal Rumble this year involved the brief return of Sarah Logan, who entered at number 25. She only lasted for 43 seconds, as she was quickly eliminated by the Bella Twins, but she got to have a mini reunion with her former Riott Squad stablemate, Liv Morgan.

Sarah smiled while Liv tried not to break down in tears right there in the ring.

Nikki & Brie used it to get some heat by tossing them out of the match. Damn them!

Later, the tears were flowing freely:

I may be turning into a softie as I get older but there’s something special about genuine displays of emotion/affection like this. You can’t fake this kind of love right here. Morgan has worked hard to have the best singles career she can, and she’ll continue to work hard from here, but you can feel it in your bones just how much she misses her friends.

Ruby was watching too:

They can’t all be together right now, but someday.

And we’ll all be crying then too.

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