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Pyro sets WrestleMania sign on fire at Royal Rumble... TWICE

We knew Ronda Rousey winning the Royal Rumble would melt the internet. We didn’t know if would melt the WrestleMania sign at Sat., Jan. 29’s WWE PPV Premium Live Event.

Okay, it was pyro, not heat from Rousey haters. And I don’t even know that it was Rousey’s celebratory fireworks or anything (actually, pretty much everyone on site in Missouri says it was in fact Ronda’s pyro). But the sign did catch fire, and forced the evacuation of fans seated beneath it at St. Louis’ The Dome at America’s Center.

This obviously distracted the audience during Becky Lynch’s match with Doudrop. Lynch even incorporated it into her act, saying “I set that sign on fire, cause I’m straight fire” early on in the bout.

Fortunately, it didn’t impede the match. Even more importantly, the crack WWE production team got the situation under control without anyone being hurt.

And it’s being lifted back into place. Thank goodness... what would the winner of the men’s Rumble have pointed at otherwise?

Follow along with our Royal Rumble live blog here to find out who does the pointing.


Pretty good metaphor for this year’s Rumble, honestly.

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