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WWE Royal Rumble 2022 results: Seth Rollins wins, but Roman Reigns is still champion

WWE opened the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) tonight (Sat., Jan. 29, 2022) at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri, with Roman Reigns putting his Universal championship on the line against his former Shield stablemate Seth Rollins. The story they told coming in was that Rollins was successful in one-on-one title match against Reigns in the past, and he ensured it would be one-on-one here with The Usos banned from ringside.

Then he got in his head with talk of how he broke up The Shield. Then, he got even more in his head by entering to The Shield’s old theme song, coming in through the crowd, and wearing the old gear.

This was a cool shot:

The match was a back-and-forth battle that featured a lot of call backs to The Shield days, and even Seth using Triple H’s Pedigree. Rollins offered up his fist late in the match, laughing all the way. Reigns responded by putting him in the guillotine.

Rollins managed to get to the ropes but Reigns refused to break the hold at the count of five. Charles Robinson begged for the champion to let go, and he refused. He held it in deep, for what felt like forever.

The bell rang at some point in there. A disqualification. Rollins wins, but Reigns is still champion.

After, when Rollins finally got back to his feet, Reigns was there to greet him with a chair to the back. Seth fell into the bottom rope the same way Roman did on that fateful night back in 2014. Reigns kept going.

“You took a piece of me that I ain’t ever getting back. You can’t take from The Tribal Chief.”

More chair shots.

Payback complete.

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