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There’s one entry number that must be avoided at all costs in the Royal Rumble match

WWE released the following video highlighting the very best performances at each of the 30 entry positions in the history of the Royal Rumble match:

Naturally, the winners of the Royal Rumble matches were typically chosen as the strongest performers at their respective entry number. For example, Drew McIntyre won the 2020 Royal Rumble from the number 16 position, so he is chosen as the greatest number 16 entrant in history.

There have been nearly 40 Royal Rumble matches with more than 30 different winners, and most of the 30 positions have already been represented by a winner. That’s why I instead wanted to point out the entry numbers in the video that did not include a winner.

Here they are:

  • Entry #4: The Rock was the runner up in 1998, lasting 51:32 with three eliminations
  • Entry #6: Kane was the runner up in 2001, lasting 53:46 with 11 eliminations
  • Entry #7: Triple H was the runner up in 2009, lasting 50:00 with six eliminations
  • Entry #9: Big Boss Man lasted 22:47 with three eliminations in the 2000 Rumble
  • Entry #11: Sheamus made it to the final three in 2011, lasting 37:23 with five eliminations
  • Entry #12: RVD made it to the final five in 2003, lasting 33:00 with two eliminations
  • Entry #15: Roman Reigns was the runner up in 2014, lasting 33:51 with 12 eliminations
  • Entry #20: John Cena made it to the final three in 2018, lasting 29:14 with three eliminations
  • Entry #21: Edge made it to the final three in 2020, lasting 23:43 with three eliminations
  • Entry #26: Kurt Angle was the runner up in 2002, lasting 16:09 with two eliminations

Based on WWE’s video, Entry #9 stands out as the Royal Rumble number that must be avoided at all costs. It’s the only one where they couldn’t say the entrant lasted until at least the final five. The chosen greatest performer ever (Big Boss Man) didn’t even survive for 30 minutes or eliminate more than three other wrestlers.

Is it really possible this is the very best showing from the number nine position in the history of the Royal Rumble match? That’s the claim WWE is making here.

Which wrestlers in the men and women’s matches will be stuck in the dreaded number nine position tomorrow night at the Royal Rumble? Let me know your guesses in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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