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May the best Wife Guy win

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Mixed Tag match

Beth Phoenix was sick of Maryse interfering on The Miz’s behalf against Edge, so she returned to even the odds. Now it’s The Grit Couple vs. The It Couple.

The Road to Royal Rumble

After Edge beat Miz at Day 1, the A-Lister and his wife rolled into to Raw to explain away the loss. The Rated R Superstar Miz wanted to face would never have “hid behind” his wife. The Hall of Famers expected as much, and proposed a couples match to settle the score. Maryse wasn’t thrilled, but her man accepted.

The strife between the Mizanins was a strategic maneuver. Beth found that out the hard way when Maryse called her to the ring for a woman-to-woman chat only to clock her with a brick.

Miz & Mrs. were quite pleased with themselves, and decided to throw a birthday party for Maryse. Everyone knew what was coming, even the heels. It allowed them to escape a butt-kicking (or another Brood Bath), but their party — and their security — wasn’t as fortunate.

The story behind the story

Regardless of the outcome, Miz and Edge will go on to their WrestleMania feuds. Maryse will likely resume being her husband’s part-time manager/partner-in-crime, while Beth probably goes back to semi-retirement, waiting for WWE to come up with another idea worthy of her talents.

Which shouldn’t be difficult, as her husband would probably tell you. Which brings us to something that we always knew but the pre-Royal Rumble press tours confirmed... Edge and Miz are both big Wife Guys.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Mr. Copeland talking to Sports Illustrated about how much he loves Mrs. Copeland’s comeback:

“I’m loving that Beth is getting a chance to show she can talk. Over the years, her character was always stoic, a heater, always ready to smash stuff. We still have that element, but what’s been great about this is she’s been able to show that when you put a microphone in her hand, she has that ability, especially after doing commentary the past three years. Personally, I think this all started after her Hall of Fame speech. That opened a lot of eyes. That led to commentary, and that led to this. To me, that’s the coolest part; we get to see her flex those muscles and spread those wings. And we get to do this together.“

And Mike heaping praise on Maryse on Cheap Heat:

“I still pinch myself everyday. She is — not only is she hard-working, and dedicated, but she challenges me and also supports me in the same sense. It’s truly, I look at her everyday and she just gets better looking — and it’s not just physically. It’s mentally, it’s emotionally. It’s everything. Looking at our girls, growing up with her as a mother. She just impresses me every single day.

“And we were actually in the ring training... for Maryse to get back in the ring, and she hasn’t missed a step. She hasn’t been in the ring in like eight years, and we get in there, literally she’s calling stuff to me, she’s doing moves that I’m like, ‘Ok, you still, you remember that? Ok, wow, you’re ready.’ I was nervous for her because she hasn’t been back in eight years and she’s going to Royal Rumble which will be like 50 - 60,000 people in attendance, there’s a lot of nerves and it’s a big, big match - a big PPV, so I was nervous. And then once we trained for like an hour, I was like, ‘Oh, she’s ready. We’re ready. Let’s go.’”

Who’s the bigger, better Wife Guy? Maybe that will make the difference at Royal Rumble...


Who wins?

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    Maryse & The Miz
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