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Johnny Knoxville actually thinks he can eliminate Randy Orton from the Royal Rumble

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is in the WWE men’s Royal Rumble match in St. Louis this Saturday night (Jan. 29).

Due to Knoxville’s celebrity status, many wrestling fans are curious to see how he will fare in the Rumble match. Cageside Seats: The Podcast discussed some of the booking possibilities in the latest episode, and it got me thinking about who else might be eliminated by this jackass besides Sami Zayn.

On a media call hyping Jackass Forever and his Royal Rumble appearance, Knoxville indicated that he has several targets in mind besides Sami. Here is some of his trash talk directed at other WWE wrestlers and personalities, courtesy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

First up is Austin Theory:

“People are going to get hurt, but it’s not going to be me. We’re talking about that low-down and dirty Sami Zayn and that pretty boy Austin Theory. There was a pretty boy named Austin Theory who saw me throw Sami out on this back. Some say Theory’s a chicken, now that theory is a fact.”

I’m sure Austin is quaking in his boots due to these very threatening words.

Knoxville will also eliminate two-time Royal Rumble winner and hometown favorite Randy Orton if necessary:

“Randy Orton and Riddle...are two guys in the Rumble I do have respect for, but it is a competition, and unfortunately I’m going to have to treat Randy and Riddle just like I’m going to treat everybody else. It’s no reflection on the great people of St. Louis what I do to them in the ring — again, it’s just business.”

Finally, Brock Lesnar’s advocate better stay out of Johnny’s way:

“I’d like to drop Paul Heyman out of a cherry picker for a ‘Jackass’ stunt.”

Knoxville promised to have great people in his corner, which could mean that some of his Jackass co-stars will be there to perform a very ill-advised stunt.

How do you think Knoxville will be booked at Royal Rumble 2022? Will he be the man who eliminates Omos? Is he destined to be the iron man? Will he crash and burn in a horrible spot that no wrestler would ever attempt? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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