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‘We’re getting close’ to AJ Styles vs. Edge

AJ Styles himself recently offered an update on this potential WWE dream match/

Edge and AJ Styles are two legends who’ve never had a one-on-one match against each other. When each man was at their absolute peak, they worked for different companies. When AJ finally arrived in WWE from TNA/Impact, Edge was retired.

They’re both there now. And though they’re both still performing at a high level, the clock is ticking for the 44 year old Styles and the 48 year old Edge to face-off while they can still deliver what they and the audience thinks of when you say “AJ Styles vs. Edge”.

During his appearance on The Bump yesterday (Jan. 26), the Phenomenal One was asked about a possible match with the Rated R Superstar. He seemed to know it should happen sooner than later. He also reminded everyone of some backstory before sounding cautiously optimistic everyone’s dream could come true:

“The last time Edge and I were in the ring together [during the 2020 Royal Rumble match*], he separated my shoulder with a spear, which is the way it should have been. But we need to get back in the ring with a one-on-one match and get this thing over with. I want this match. He wants this match. When is it gonna to happen? We’re getting close.”

We’ve heard there were “significant plans” for Styles after his split with Omos, and Edge’s feud with The Miz could wrap up this weekend at Royal Rumble on Saturday night.

Is an Edge/AJ Styles dream match WrestleMania 38 close?

* They actually squared off during last year’s Royal Rumble, too. But this is one of multiple times AJ forgot he was in the ThunderDome Rumble during his visit to The Bump.

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