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Michelle McCool & Undertaker’s daughter is fantasy booking her WWE debut

WWE’s YouTube channel

Undertaker’s spoken in the past about how his daughter Kaia has WWE dreams. With Kaia’s mom Michelle McCool getting ready to take part in her second Royal Rumble this Saturday (Jan. 29), we’re finding out just how serious the nine year old is.

McCool was a guest on today’s edition of The Bump, and the former Divas and Women’s champion shared her daughter’s plan to use mom’s Rumble entry to make her WWE debut:

“My daughter has a whole storyline planned out, and she wants me to win this Rumble, go after Charlotte [Flair] at WrestleMania.

“We were watching Raw last night, she said, ‘Daddy, you know how when Bianca [Belair] won her match at WrestleMania, and her dad jumped the barricade? Do you think Mr. McMahon would stop me if I did the same for Mommy?’

“So, not only am I focused, but my baby girl’s got my back. So, we’re in good shape.”

McCool probably isn’t winning the Rumble, let alone beating Charlotte at ‘Mania. But we like the way Kaia’s thinking.

What we really want to know is whether she’ll be more LayCool or Dead Man? Might we suggest a combo? Perhaps a vain zombie?

Anyway, keep fantasy booking, kid. You can’t do any worse than we do.

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