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Becky Lynch reacts to Ronda Rousey return rumor

Their rivalry has already been based around social media — almost as much as traditional elements like promos, and arguably more than their one and only match against each other.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that the first beat in the story of Ronda Rousey’s second WWE run would be a tweet from Becky Lynch.

Word came from both Fightful and Wrestling Observer yesterday (Jan. 24) that Rousey could be back as soon as the Royal Rumble this Saturday, and that the former Raw Women’s champion is factored into WWE’s plans for WrestleMania 38. Seeing as their only encounter was a Triple Threat that ended in less-than-satisfactory fashion, upon hearing the news most fans’ thoughts went to singles match between Ronda & Becky.

Seems that’s where Big Times Becks’ thoughts went, too...

Even if WWE doesn’t overthink the match-up this time (or decide to pit Rowdy against her other WrestleMania 35 opponent, Charlotte Flair), there are still plenty of questions for a new Rousey/Lynch feud.

Will Becky remain a heel? Would that mean trying to present Ronda as a face after her “ungrateful fans” rants? Would there have to be a belt involved, or could this stand as a strictly personal beef? Who goes over? How many worked-shoot jabs about motherhood would we hear?

Y’all ready for more of this?

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