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Former Raw Women’s champion reportedly returning for Royal Rumble (POSSIBLE SPOILER)

Signs are pointing toward the WWE return of Ronda Rousey.

For Fightful Select, Sean Ross Sapp reported the company is “pushing” to get the UFC Hall of Famer back for Royal Rumble this Saturday (Jan. 29) in St. Louis. After hinting at a big Rumble surprise earlier on today’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez then said:

“I was told that Ronda Rousey will be in the Royal Rumble.”

If Rousey is back in any capacity this weekend, it will be her first appearance since dropping the Raw Women’s championship to Becky Lynch in WrestleMania 35’s Triple Threat main event. Lynch also won the SmackDown Women’s title from Charlotte Flair on April 7, 2019 in New Jersey.

Since then, Ronda became a mother. She gave birth to her & Travis Browne’s daughter La’akea last September — so if she is coming back, Rowdy will beat her nemesis Becky for quickest comeback post-delivery (Lynch had her daughter Roux in Dec. 2020 and returned in Aug. 2021, although she says she was ready earlier).

Will we also see more of Rousey vs. Lynch in the squared circle, maybe even for the one-on-one match fans have wanted since Survivor Series 2018? It’s too early to say, but if Ronda is back for more than a one-off return, don’t expect to see her working house shows again. She spoken of her distaste for life on the road, and said any return would only be part-time.

It’ll also be interesting to see how she’s received. Audience reaction turned her heel toward the end of her last run, and Rousey’s doubled-down on that since with interviews & comments about “ungrateful fans”.

Buckle up, scripted fight fans.

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