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WWE names the 25 greatest Royal Rumble match moments

25. Otis saves Mandy Rose (2020)
24. Snitsky clotheslines Paul London (2005)
23. Bianca Belair wins (2021)
22. Kane chokeslams Sabu through a table (2007)
21. Too Cool dance mid-match (2000)
20. Three Faces of Foley enter (1998)
19. Beth Phoenix eliminates Great Khali (2010)
18. Maven eliminates The Undertaker (2002)
17. Drew McIntyre eliminates Brock Lesnar (2020)
16. Jim Duggan wins inaugural Rumble match (1988)
15. The Rock rescues Roman Reigns (2015)
14. Stone Cold steals the Rumble match (1997)
13. John Cena returns to win (2008)
12. The Undertaker meets Goldberg (2017)
11. Naomi jumps from the barricade to survive (2019)
10. AJ Styles debuts (2016)
9. Santino Marlla lasts just one second (2009)
8. Becky Lynch takes over (2019)
7. Rey Mysterio goes the distance (2006)
6. Asuka wins inaugural women’s Rumble match (2018)
5. John Cena meets Batista in a controversial ending (2005)
4. Kofi Kingston survives with a handstand (2012)
3. Triple H wins the WWE championship (2016)
2. Edge returns from retirement (2020)
1. Shawn Michaels wins from No. 1 (1995)

Words cannot describe just how much I disagree with number one on this list here. That 1995 Royal Rumble wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good and Michaels going the distance has always been the most overrated thing WWE has long pushed as something special.

In my opinion, of course.


Other thoughts from the list?

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