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Doudrop adds some back story to Becky Lynch match at Royal Rumble

In the lead up to their match for the Raw women’s championship at Royal Rumble in St. Louis, Becky Lynch has made clear she’s wanted a match with her opponent that night, Doudrop. She even ensured it happened by interfering in the triple threat to crown the next top contender, handing Doudrop the victory.

As it turns out, there’s even more backstory there.

Doudrop told talkSPORT this match has been a long time coming:

“I don’t know if people know this, but I’ve been waiting 15 years for this match. Way back when I first started training in a little warehouse in Linwood, Scotland, there really wasn’t many experienced girls in the UK wrestling scene at all.

“There was me, Nikki Storm – who had also just started out – down in England we had Mischief and Erin Angel and then over in Ireland we had Miss Rebecca Knox.

“We were very aware of Becky at the time. Even back then she was at the top of her game. She was the girl our trainers were trying to get in and have matches with us so we could learn from her, get some kind of experience.

“But, sadly, unbeknownst to us at the time, she was just packing up things there to move over to the U.S. We made efforts to get her over but it just didn’t work out.

“So 15 long years later, here we are. It’s one big ass circle to go in, but we got there [laughs].”

That’s the kind of backstory we need to hear more about on WWE television. There’s only one episode of Monday Night Raw remaining until the match itself, however, so it’s being sold mostly on Doudrop being a monster threat to Lynch’s status as the top dog of the division.

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