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Sounds like Paige is down to be a General Manager on a WWE show again

Paige woke up and chose to use social media to try to get WWE boss Vince McMahon’s attention:

Paige, you’ll remember, was General Manager of SmackDown Live back in 2018 all the way up until WWE decided to do away with the role and simply have the McMahon family run things off screen. Fast forward a few years and the company just can’t help themselves — Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are acting on-screen authority figures.

They aren’t known as General Managers exactly, but that’s more or less the role they occupy. Sonya Deville abuses her power and seems headed to a return to active wrestling — she has a match scheduled for next week — while Adam Pearce is just sort of there to help move storylines along.

Hey, you know who could do that but in a charismatic way? And who is still on the payroll but not being used at all?

Stay tuned.

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