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WWE will not grant Mustafa Ali’s release request, according to report

Mustafa Ali publicly requested his release from WWE a few days ago. One rumor indicates that Ali asked WWE for his release after he was given an idea for a new character and didn’t like the idea, and he’s been away from WWE television ever since.

According to a new report from Fightful, WWE told Ali that his request has been denied, at least for now. The word “value” was apparently mentioned in their discussions with him, though it’s unclear what exactly that means. Ali still has years left on his contract with WWE.

WWE released over 80 wrestlers in 2021, and in many cases these cuts were attributed to budgetary concerns. After Toni Storm quit WWE last month, it sounded like the promotion was concerned they might have difficulty denying future release requests due to the sheer number of recent budget cuts. But at least in Ali’s case, WWE appears to be holding firm.

It’s not surprising that Ali wants out given how much Creative garbage WWE has thrown his way, topped off with the all-time bad RETRIBUTION gimmick. Hopefully WWE will eventually relent and let him go, because there is very little upside to holding onto him now, other than keeping him away from the competition.

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