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Carmella tested positive for COVID

On her Bare With Us podcast, WWE wrestler Carmella revealed that she tested positive for COVID earlier this month. This is what she said about it:

“You guys, I got the ‘VID. I did. I got it. It got me. I got COVID. I got got. About, what, a week and a half ago? No, two weeks ago now? Yeah, two weeks ago.”

“I woke up super, just like, not feeling well. Just really tired, run down. And I took some tests, and I tested positive.”

“I mean, it was like a cold. It was kind of like a little bit worse than a cold. I was down and out for, like, three, four days, just not really doing much. But, on the up-and-up. Feeling better now.”

She also mentioned that her fiancé, WWE commentator Corey Graves, never tested positive for COVID.

Carmella is the current Women’s tag team champion in WWE (along with her partner Queen Zelina Vega). She did cut a promo on this week’s (Jan. 17) episode of Raw, but she hasn’t wrestled much lately. Carmella was technically part of a tag title defense on Jan. 3, but she never tagged into the match. She then missed the Jan. 10 episode of Raw. A rumor from earlier this month indicated that she’s been working through an injury.

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