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Edge’s Brood entrance is the coolest thing in wrestling

There are plenty of great entrance themes in pro wrestling, and plenty of great unique entrances in pro wrestling, but I’m not sure there has ever been a better combination of the two than The Brood. Now, I think I’m prepared to say it’s even better when it’s just Edge, with the look he has now, every time he breaks it out at a WWE event.

Here’s him doing it before beating The Miz at Day 1 in Atlanta just last night (Jan. 1, 2022):

Look at how badass that is! The flames shooting up while Edge slowly rises wearing that open coat, with the long slicked back hair and the big beard, the glasses on, the deep heaving breaths with his shoulders rising each time, that devilish smile, the whole damn thing.

It’s just so badass.

More than that it’s cool, and cool is something WWE has needed a whole lot more of for a long, long time. He should just do this entrance every time, or at least for every PPV match. Hell, I’d love to see it alongside his wife, Beth Phoenix, who is also badass.

The cool thing is they figured out a way to do this entrance and still throw on “Metalingus” for the latter half of it. It all works.

More, please.

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