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The Usos have a new finisher, with the Dudley Boyz’ blessing

The Usos and The New Day opened the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view in Atlanta with a fantastic match that ended with something of a surprise finish. It wasn’t that The Usos retained the SmackDown tag team titles, it was how they did it.

With a 3-D:

Commentary called it the “1-D” as in “1 and Done” as in “We the 1’s.” Hey, it fits, and it’s always been a cool finisher. Naturally, we wondered how The Dudley Boyz would feel about Jimmy & Jey using it and it turns out they got the blessing from Bubba:

And Devon loved it too:

The Dudley Boyz have beaten The New Day with that move before, so maybe it was just good ol’ fashioned tape study that led to this. Wouldn’t that be something?

Either way, it would appear The Usos have a new finisher and we’re all better off for it. Except, of course, The New Day.

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