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So I guess Johnny Knoxville is going to be in the Royal Rumble

The next Jackass movie is coming out on Feb. 4, 2022, and with that, the stars of it are out on a promotional tour to gear up for it. It would appear that will include Johnny Knoxville being an entrant in this year’s Royal Rumble match:

“Alright, it’s New Year’s Day and I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do in 2022. Of course, Jackass Forever comes out Feb. 4 and I’m happy about that but I want to do something else, something big. That’s right, I want to make a run for the Rumble. I am talking about the WWE’s Royal Rumble. 30 men enter, one guy is left standing, that’s me. I’ve seen the current list of WWE wrestlers and frankly, I’m not impressed. They don’t have anyone big enough to throw me over the top rope. What, is Little E or Roman Ruins going to do it? Ha! And Vince McMahon, you’ve always been really kind to us, and we appreciate it, but I sincerely hope you are auditioning bigger, tougher talent for the 2022 Royal Rumble because I don’t want to hurt anyone. So just like the shirt says: Johnny Knoxville, World Champ. Woohoo!”

WWE didn’t outright confirm as much but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has appeared in the Rumble.

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