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Kyle O’Reilly predicted — and Grayson Waller wants the heat for — GUNTHER

Hate, really hate it, hate it and think it’s racist, think it’s not really that big a deal, or find the whole kerfuffle silly* — WALTER is now GUNTHER.

The Austrian wrestler sports entertainer announced his new, WWE trademark-able name on NXT last night (Jan. 18), and he now has a new Superstar page on the company’s website.

While the shouting continues, there are some good tweets about the change.

One is actually from 2019, back when NXT (and the entire world, really) were very different places. It’s from Kyle O’Reilly, who can currently be found calling Brandon Cutler “Landon” on AEW Dynamite & Rampage. Turns out, Kyle’s penchant for getting people’s names wrong actually predicted WALTER’s new handle...

If Imperium starts working a Willy Wonka gimmick — and I don’t think we can rule anything out at this point — that tweet is gonna be even more eerie.

Before you run off to ask Kool Kyle who to bet on in this weekend’s playoff games, take a moment to appreciate this new tweet from Grayson Waller:

Despite a sizable push on NXT and Raw, the young Australian hasn’t made much of an impression on me to date. This is good, though. And if he succeeds in transferring even 10% of the heat WWE is getting for GUNTHER onto him, it’ll serve him very well.

Now back to your regularly scheduled screaming about questionable WWE decisions, already in progress.

* These seem to be the only options. I have yet to come across anyone who loves the Ring General’s new moniker.

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