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Stan the T-Rex, a SmackDown for Peyton & other highlights from The Rock on Manningcast

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Finally... Eli & Peyton Manning went two-on-one with The Great One.

As promised, Dwayne Johnson was a guest on the Monday Night Football simulcast hosted by the two great quarterbacking brothers. The Wild Card playoff game they were covering didn’t turn out to be terribly exciting, but at least The Rock gave us a few electrifying moments in sports entertainment.

Or maybe it was Stan generating that electricity? We learned that DJ and his old boss Vince McMahon both own Tyrannosaurus Rex skulls. Rocky’s “badass” fossil is named Stan, and led to quite a bit of discussion online (not terribly surprising considering the Los Angeles Rams were already in control of the game by the time Johnson joined the Manningcast):

Rock’s story about Stan is true (it sold to an undisclosed buyer at auction in 2020 for $31.8 million), but many pointed out that replicas of the “most complete T-Rex skull ever found” are available, too.

If I were you, I wouldn’t question The Rock’s T-Rex credentials. Otherwise, you might get the same Rock Bottom he volunteered to give Hall of Famer Peyton:

Manningcast viewers were also treated to some tales of Johnson’s football days, playing with some of Peyton’s fellow Canton inductees like Warren Sapp & Ray Lewis. We also got a look at some of young DJ’s sweet, sweet locks...

And last but certainly not least, we were reminded that Rocky would have gotten the Glengarry leads from Mitch & Murray, because he knows his A-B-Cs. Johnson had his Terramana tequila prominently displayed behind him all night, and took a swig after his attempt to virtually inspire a Cards comeback ended in disaster...

He also plugged the XFL reboot that’s supposed to be coming out way sometime in the future. Will he be pitching that during a WrestleMania run?

We’ll let you know if we smell The Rock cooking that up. Let us know what you thought of his Manningcast appearance.

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