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Let’s read too much into Becky Lynch’s comment on Asuka’s Instagram

Last August, more than a month after her last television appearance, WWE Women’s Grand Slam champion Asuka tweeted a picture of herself with her arm in a sling/brace. Almost five months later, it remained pretty much the only “news” we had about her absence until a report last week that she should be available for the Royal Rumble later this month.

That report is all we need to start looking for signs of a return on the Empress’ social media. Sometimes, like with this photoshop job of Asuka-as-Darkseid taking out the Justice League by shooting Omega Beams out of her eyes...

... that can be a little tricky. Other times, like with this clip of her hitting Becky Lynch with green mist during a 2020 contract signing segment on Raw, it’s a bit more straight-forward:

And when Big Time Becks jumps in the comments for a bit of banter?


Seriously, though. Can Asuka come back to challenge for a Raw Women’s title she never beat The Man for, and actually give Becky an interesting program in the process?

That would be cool. Not Asuka-as-Darkseid cool. But cool.

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