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Natalya & her assistant are very upset about Aliyah’s record-setting win

We’re pretty big fans of a couple of Natalya’s latest character tweaks. Both the incorporating of her recent Guinness World Records news, and the outsourcing of her social media to an unnamed assistant are good heel updates for a performer who’s been a near-constant on WWE programming for 14 years.

Over the weekend, she combined them after hubris led to her losing to the debuting Aliyah on the Jan. 14 SmackDown. The indignity(!) of a record being set at Nat’s expense caused her to lower herself to using something pre-installed on her phone(!) to order her equally flummoxed lackey to turn it into her record...

To whom it may concern,

Last night I succeeded in achieving another world record. YAAAAA!

However, the person who also was a tiny part of my wonderful achievement is now trying to take all my credit.

To this end, I have now instructed my assistant to immediately petition the Guinness judges, the Olympic Committee and the Hollywood Foreign Press to have her record overturned. [Assistant note: she has. I will]

I await their responses after they think on it, absorb and reflect.


Nattie x 3
From the Desk of the Three Time Guinness World Record Holder
Natalya Neidhart (The World Record Holder)

Really excited to see what the a-holes behind the Olympics and the Golden Globes have to say. For her part, Aliyah is trying to make the most of her 3.17 seconds of fame...

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