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Roman Reigns is now the longest reigning Universal champion in WWE history

Look who stays doing big things in WWE:

After many years of the promotion pushing Roman Reigns as a top babyface, the next John Cena to carry the company and represent it as champion, WWE turned him heel, aligned him with Paul Heyman, put the Universal title on him, and haven’t looked back since. He’s been doing the best work of his career, by a mile, and carrying the day on Friday Night SmackDown each week.

The Universal championship has only existed since 2016, of course, with just eight different wrestlers holding the title. This accomplishment is noteworthy mostly because of the man he’s overtaking to hold the record for longest reign.

The current WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.

Reigns won the title in August 2020, and there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to stretch this run at least into WrestleMania 38. What happens there is anyone’s guess, and if there is someone to take the title off him Brock Lesnar is as good a bet as any.

But why not let him make more history and just keep the belt on him? Not only does he deserve it for being the undisputed top dog in the company, but it elevates the title in a way nothing else they can do ever could.

Either way, impressive stuff.

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