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Raw will now go head-to-head with The Rock next week

Monday Night Football on ESPN has long been a thorn in the side of WWE. The NFL is competing for the same audience, and for four months of the year, fans are forced to choose between a football game and Monday Night Raw. The vast majority choose the former.

This past year, Peyton & Eli Manning, two Hall of Fame quarterbacks, started their own show on ESPN2, where they watch the game together and are joined by a variety of guests throughout the evening. It’s a fantastic show, both because the two are incredibly insightful on the game while mixing in just enough entertainment to keep any football fan satisfied. The guests are just the cherry on top.

Which brings us to what this has to do with pro wrestling.

This coming Monday night, the ManningCast will work its first playoff game. To that end, they’re going all out to get big guests and one of those guests, who will be on directly competing against Raw, is one of the biggest stars in the history of WWE:

WWE has announced multiple segments for Raw next week but does any of it compare to The Rock shooting the breeze with the Mannings over a playoff football game?

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