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Wrestlers in title programs to do things on wrestling show

Considering something like 30 million people will probably be focused on the last NFL game of Wild Card Weekend instead of Raw on Jan. 17, I can’t blame WWE for phoning in the early line-up for Monday night.

Even so, a #1 contender, a titleholder, and a pair of recently deposed champions responding and reacting to last week’s events is particularly uninspired.

But in case you were worried Bobby Lashley wouldn’t address Brock Lesnar disrespecting him ahead of their WWE title bout at Royal Rumble in two weeks, or that Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch might not say anything about Doudrop earning the right to face her at the Jan. 29 PPV Premium Live Event then shrugging off her attempt at a Manhandle Slam, or that RK-Bro were just going to pretend they didn’t lose the Tag belts to Alpha Academy last week... rest easy, scripted fight fans...

The commercial for Raw that aired during last night’s SmackDown also teases follow-up on Maryse walking away from The Miz during their latest showdown with Edge & Beth Pheonix?

Sound like a reason to skip the Rams/Cardinals game, or any of the hundreds of things you can do with three hours on Monday night?

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