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Lita: ‘I think I have one run left in me’

Hey, look who showed up on Friday Night SmackDown this week:

That’s Lita, one of the most beloved (and, at one point, most hated) women’s wrestlers in the past 25 years in WWE. She made clear that she was back because, well, when she was running the scene alongside Trish, becoming the first women to main event an episode of Monday Night Raw, they weren’t doing Royal Rumble matches for women. But they sure are now!

And, hey, she thinks she’s got one more run left in her.

So here’s the plan:

Enter the Rumble, beat 29 other women, main event WrestleMania. Seems simple enough, yeah? Hey, like she said, they didn’t have routes this simple back when she was doing her thing.

Naturally, Charlotte Flair, the current SmackDown women’s champion, hit the scene to put a damper on all this talk. Lita responded by telling her she has a big ass head, punking her with a fake slap, then hitting her with a Twist of Fate.

The Rumble sure is going to be fun.

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