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Bayley points out something that will get her to return to WWE at Royal Rumble

WWE has announced at least 19 women for the Royal Rumble match on Jan. 29. Many of these Rumble participants are not active wrestlers on the current WWE roster. The rumor mill suggests WWE prefers to stay away from NXT women for the match, which will make it much harder to fill out all 30 spots if true. Naturally, many fans are looking towards the injured list at names like Asuka and Bayley, hoping for a surprise return at the Rumble.

Bayley tore her ACL during training last July, and the injury is expected to keep her out of action until we’re closer to WrestleMania 38. That timetable hasn’t stopped her from recently teasing a return. With increasing fan speculation about Bayley appearing at Royal Rumble, the role model has pointed out one thing that is guaranteed to get her to make that highly anticipated Rumble return:

That’s right, if WWE runs out of names and has to add Kayla Braxton to the Royal Rumble match, then Bayley will do what she must, as you might expect from a role model. Who knew that Michael Cole’s stupid face was actually good for something?

I’d recommend not getting your hopes up for a Bayley return at the Rumble. It’s just too soon given when her devastating injury occurred. I’m not necessarily expecting to see injured Sasha Banks in the match either, but if I had to pick one or the other, I think Banks has a better chance to show up as a surprise entrant. Asuka might just be the one to keep an eye on the most.

How do you think the remaining spots in the women’s Royal Rumble match will be allocated, Cagesiders?

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