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Roman Reigns is about to surpass Brock Lesnar’s championship record

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are the two biggest stars in WWE. That statement could be written just about every year going back to 2016, perhaps only interrupted by Becky Lynch’s run as The Man in 2019.

Roman is the current Universal champion, and he’s held the belt since he returned to WWE as a heel and aligned with Paul Heyman in August 2020. Per CageMatch, that gives him 501 days as the champ as of this writing, with his next title defense likely not occurring until Jan. 29 at Royal Rumble against Seth Rollins.

The Universal championship has only existed since August 2016. The longest reign up to this point belongs to Lesnar, who held the title for 504 days, from WrestleMania 33 until SummerSlam 2018. Unless Brock is receiving an impromptu title match against Roman tomorrow night (Jan. 14) on SmackDown, Roman is damn near a lock to break Brock’s record length reign.

For those who are curious, the third longest Universal title reign is Kevin Owens (mid 2016 until early 2017) with 188 days, and Brock Lesnar again for 156 days (late 2018 until early 2019).

Lesnar and Reigns each have multiple runs with the title. Overall, the belt has been around one of their waists for more than 60% of its existence going back to its debut in August 2016.

Are you celebrating 500+ days with Roman Reigns at the Head of the Table, counting down the days until Brock Lesnar beats him for it, or hoping that someone new ends this repeating pattern? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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