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Nikki’s ‘miracle’ Royal Rumble comeback has Bellas talking tag titles again

Seeing as WWE Hall of Famers The Bellas have alternated between retirement announcements and fantasy booking returns since 2019, I don’t think anyone was too shocked when they were on the list of names announced for the 2022 Royal Rumble last Friday.

But we have heard a lot about the risk that would be involved for Nikki Bella to wrestle with her surgically repaired neck. So on the latest edition of The Bellas Podcast, Nikki explained that she is cleared — with some restrictions:

“In the world of wrestling, it’s different. In any any professional sport, people always make comebacks. But what’s beautiful about WWE is that we can make comebacks as many times as we want, as long as our bodies let us — and doctors. Because I officially got cleared. I think everyone remembers from Total Bellas, when we had the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, there was a lot of rules on me. So those are the same. When we were all in Phoenix... I went in and saw my surgeon, my doctor, Dr. Uribe... They scanned me. I did MRI, I did scans on my brain, my neck, x-rays, and everything you can think of, they did, to make sure... It just feels good to know. Miracles can happen.

Given this miraculous turn of events, the longest reigning Divas champion in history is back to fantasy booking. She’s got a few programs in mind, and is thinking outside of the box should she do what she almost did in 2018 and she win the Rumble on Jan. 29 in St. Louis:

“I don’t know about you, but I’m going in to win. I’ve had unfinished business with Charlotte [Flair], so why wouldn’t I want to go back there. And then I never had business with Becky [Lynch], and I would love it. And then there’s the tag titles. Because I would like to be the first ever winner of the Royal Rumble to kind of give the middle finger to both champions to go, ‘I want the tag titles.’ How badass would that be? Would I not be the coolest person to go down in history?”

It’s a very sisterly thought, but there’s one problem. Brie remembers that her twin eliminated her from that inaugural Women’s Rumble — and she’s looking for payback this year.

This wacky Bellas! Somebody should give them a reality show...

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