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Roman Reigns has COVID-19, out of Day 1; Brock Lesnar added to WWE title match

Not long ago, Roman Reigns took to Twitter to confirm reports that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and therefore won’t be able to work the Day 1 pay-per-view (PPV) set to take place here shortly in Atlanta, Georgia:

That meant Brock Lesnar no longer had a dance partner for a show he’s already booked and flew out to work out. To account for that, WWE simply added him to the previously scheduled WWE championship match and turned it into a Fatal 5-Way:

This obviously doesn’t make much sense as far as storylines go, but when you have a wrestler like Lesnar, who is commanding the kind of money he does, you have to get the absolute most out of him you can for shows he’s booked on. To that end, storylines kind of go out the window.

And, hey, at least we’re kinda/sorta getting that long talked about Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley match.

As for Reigns, he seems to be in good spirits and the obvious hope here is he doesn’t have any bad reaction to the virus, considering his medical history. Let’s all wish him a smooth recovery.

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