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Jeff Hardy is in the 24/7 title chase now

Not too long ago, a wave of Jeff Hardy nostalgia swept across the internet. Then he showed up on Raw to his popular Ruthless Aggression Era theme song, picked up a surprising win over then-NXT champion Karrion Kross in Kross’ main roster debut, and it seemed like there might be an opening to push the former WWE champ.

Then Jeff caught COVID and was sidelined for a few weeks. Kross got his win back, and Hardy went back to Main Event (where he does at least win matches, which is good unless you’re ex-Hurt Business members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin).

Now this...

WWE’s YouTube

Yes, that’s the Charismatic Enigma rushing in with Jaxson Ryker, Drew Gulak, and Benjamin to take Reggie’s escape tope after his latest successful 24/7 title defense. It wasn’t even a big deal, just something in between the champ’s latest acrobatic squashing of Akira Tozawa, and the return of Drake Maverick to the 24/7 scene.

So... not one more push for the legendary daredevil then?

This has led to Jeff Hardy trending on Twitter again, and a lot of talk that Hardy should be treated differently by WWE. In the Cageside offices, it even prompted a discussion about the oft-stated fan complaint that “fill in wrestler name here deserves better”.

Normally, this is where I’d quote Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. But while some fans won’t be satisfied unless their personal favorite is an unbeatable champion, I don’t think most people mean it that way. For a lot of folks, saying “so and so deserves better” simply means they’d like to see the performer used in a meaningful way. If it accentuates their strengths and hides their weaknesses, even better. But “better” doesn’t mean they have to be champion. It just means they should be doing something that matters.

In WWE, 90% of the roster are just names and bodies to be used interchangeably in different scenarios. And if a future Hall of Famer like Jeffrey Nero Hardy can end up an extra in the chase for a comedy title, what does that say about anyone else’s chances?

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